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 Kuranda Cookies





                  A truly Artisan Cookie,

Home-baked With Love Since 1992


                     What a wonderful way to earn a living,                                          satisfying one of the most enjoyable senses.                                             


Located in Kuranda, about 20km up the Hill from Cairns - far North Queensland. Kuranda Cookies has been a Local Iconic tradition for more than 28 years.  From humble beginnings in Thelma’s and Jeff’s home kitchen, the cookies grew to one of the region most beloved and cherished sweets. The cookies found their way to family, friends, and colleagues, and when Thelma and Jeff couldn't produce enough sweets from their home- to keep up with the demand, they had to let go and find a new home for the cookies.


Since January 2017 they are prepared by Rosy and Christoph. They owned  Restaurants and a Resort in the Cairns and the Tablelands.

Both grew up in the Hospitality industry and they new the cookie adventure is a wonderful way to stay in the area to continue the good cooperation with the local businesses.


We have the great pleasure and fun to bake, pack and deliver these delicious cookies to more the 40 Stores, Coffee Shops and Markets, all over the region and beyond.

Every cookie is made from scratch with hand-picked local Ingredients and baked in our Rainforest Bakery in Kuranda.

Enjoy our truly Artisan Cookie.






We are delighted to inform you that our Cookies have calories!

Because they are made with real butter, free-range eggs, Swiss chocolate, local products and other good Ingredients....and Love. 

                                                         Attention! There is no Palm Cove Markets until March.

NEW : We are at the Markets: Every 1erst  Sunday in Palm Cove Esplanade, every second Sunday in Holloways Beach. Come and enjoy our Cookies, freshly baked original Bretzel. Original Berliner filled with Jam, Salted Caramel, Chocolate or Vanilla.

Look out for a loud coloured Gazebo..looking forward to see you there.

We are still baking ! Please support all our small retailers so  we all can survive this difficult times.

Introducing The new Flavours



                                                                                                                          The new Flavours


* Relax With An Anzac


* Crush with Roasted Macadamias


* Devoted Hazelnut 

   Lured By Peppy Coffee


* Snappy Lemon & Orange On a Mission 

   With Naughty Ginger


* Guilty Almonds Surrounded

   By Kinky Oranges & Lemons


* Outrageous Swiss Double Choc Chips 

   Arrested In a Fitness Centre


* Splash 

   Swiss Double Choc Chips with 100&1000

   or Smarties


*  Kuranda Hemp Cookies

  Flirting with Powerful Coconut & Active Spirulina                  (Gluten-Free)


* Wicked Roasted Macadamia

   Caught With Shifty Swiss Chocolate



* Sneaky White Swiss Chocolate Arrested 

   With Crushed Coconut



* Splash 

   Double swiss Choc - Chip with Smarties or 100      ..and 1000, bags filled with Marshmallows

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Hemp seeds are incredibly healthy. They might just be one of the few superfoods that are actually worthy of their reputation.

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